2011 Update on Primal Evolution Activities

13 Apr 2011, 5:03:20 PM


Primal Evolution is currently a small EverQuest guild focused on enjoying group content. (Primal Evolutionís raiders left in 2008 to create the merged raiding guild Resolution of Erollisi Marr.) Most of our members are old PE alumni playing EQ again after long breaks from the game.

PE believes that fun as a team is the best part of EverQuest, and that RL>EQ.

PE members are friendly and play nice. We are self-reliant players who think itís fun to group, help each other, explore new zones, fight new mobs, and die a lot and laugh a lot along the way. Our loot philosophy is Share the loot and Need before greed.

Members tend to start logging in after 8:00 p.m. or later Eastern time. A few players play at other times.

* If youíre a former PE member in good standing and want to return, contact PE members in game and an officer will tag you back in.

* If youíre interested in joining PE (and not a former member), spend some time chatting and grouping with PE folks, to see if itís a good match. If it is, weíll tag you in.

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